Moving up in the world

29 Jun Moving up in the world

Our 8-month-old is such her own little person. No longer does she have to rely on Mom and Dad for transportation. She can crawl, climb, and stand wherever she wants (within reason–she can’t crawl on, say, the kitchen counter or climb up on Ollie’s back…though she tries!). She’s making motions like she wants to walk, but we gently remind her that she’s got her whole life ahead of her to walk. Live in the now, B. You don’t want to rush these things.

One of my favorite experiences recently is entering her bedroom in the morning to find her standing up in her crib. She watches the door, waiting for me, and gives me the biggest grin! What a way to wake up!

She also likes to help pick out what diaper she’ll wear next…

And, Kris’ favorite development…she’s taken to reading The New York Times. She knows how to take the paper out of the plastic bag and spread it out on the floor. She found the cover piece on Zimbabwean elections fascinating…and tasty!

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