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19 Aug my little mermaid

I know I complain about living on the surface of the sun, but one of the benefits is that our swim season is long…REALLY long. The kids started outdoor swim classes in February, and we’ll be going strong until at least November.

They love the water, and Bronwynn has really impressed us with her swimming skills. So much so that her swim teacher suggested she try out for the year-round club swim team. Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of her being on a competitive team so young, but I love the idea of her swimming year-round. And so does she. She said she wanted to be on the team, and I was assured that at her level it’s not too competitive. So, she tried out.

Let me back up…Initially we were told the requirements for her to make the team. She had to swim 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke without stopping. However, two days before the tryout, we found out she also had to swim 25 yards of breaststroke, which she hardly knows. So we almost backed out. She was nervous, and I didn’t see the point of her trying out if she didn’t know all the strokes. Wouldn’t I be setting her up to fail? But, her swim teacher nudged us to go through with it, saying he felt she had strong potential. He wanted the team coach, Jessica, to see B swim. So we went.

This is what tryouts looked like. Do you see B?

She was so tiny! Yet, her calm assurance amazed me. She didn’t care that she was the youngest. She just did her thing, swimming each stroke beautifully. Her backstroke was the straightest and most precise I’d ever seen. When it came time to do breaststroke, she managed a few kicks and then improvised the rest. So cool under pressure.
Afterward, the coach came over to deliver the good news: She’d made the team! Her freestyle and backstroke were strong enough to make up for the breaststroke, which the coach said she’d learn quickly.
The first few practices have been fun. B is the youngest swimmer, but she is quickly making friends and finding her groove. 
At her age, swim meets are not required, but she wants to try a couple of the small ones. The season lasts from now until March with meets happening about once a month. 
Mostly, she’s just excited to swim all winter.
Miles is not far behind, I assure you. His number one goal right now is to keep up with B in the pool…and everywhere! One of his favorite activities lately is making movies on my iPhone:

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