My Little Pony

31 Jan My Little Pony




Not her pony, for the record. Though she’s already informed me that when she’s grown up she will purchase a horse instead of a car, become a horse trainer/sea animal rescuer, and also rehabilitate wildlife.

For now, just a group lesson with friends. But walking into the stables dislodged an old memory for me — the smell of dust and muck and hay, seeing rows of worn leather boots, thick rubber brushes against taught horse bellies, saddles creaking as the trainers adjust them for each child. In elementary school (3rd grade, maybe?), I tagged along to the stables with my friend Melissa and took a few lessons, enough that I could navigate a few obstacles, canter and post.

I would never be an equestrian. And my guess is B won’t be either, but it’s a good memory to tuck away in her heart — the time she rode Frosty, and he stuck his tongue out and carried her gently and she felt confident and capable and connected to one of her loves.

  • Mary Hill
    Posted at 03:37h, 04 February Reply

    So sweet. My daughter who is 12 loves horses, but we are so busy with softball, piano. 🙂

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