13 Jun orphans

We discovered these little guys in our pool last week, swimming frantically and chirping so loudly the neighbors could hear them next door. The ducklings were separated from their mother. We occasionally see adult ducks in swimming pools around here, but their mama was no where in sight.

I wanted to feed them. Kris insisted we shouldn’t. They’re owl bait, he said, and feeding them would only encourage them to stay. He tried to help them out of the pool, but each time he approached, they’d dive out of reach.

I am a mother. I have no choice but to feed babies. So, I gave them some bread crumbs. This appeased Bronwynn, who was insisting we move them into her bathtub and dress them up as princesses.

Unfortunately, the next day, only one duckling was left. I called the state fish and game department to see if he could be relocated to a safer place, but before they arrived, the lone duckling had disappeared.

When B looked in the pool and saw he was gone, she said, “oh good, Mommy! His wings got bigger and he flew away!” Which is exactly what my father told me when I was three and the wounded bird I was nursing in a shoebox disappeared overnight.

When you’re three, there’s no other explanation.

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