out with the old, in with the old

28 Mar out with the old, in with the old

Kris & I have a policy about “stuff” in our house. If we bring something new into our space, something else should leave. It’s a carryover from when we lived in smaller homes and space was a commodity. Want a new pair of jeans? First, look through your closet and find something (or a few things) that you no longer wear and donate them to charity. Then you can add to your wardrobe. Same goes for toys, kitchen gadgets, books and furniture.

It’s our way of avoiding clutter, but also just helps us check in with ourselves and make sure that everything we own has value and isn’t just taking up space and collecting dust.

Also, whenever possible, we buy used, accept hand-me-downs, or upcycle/repurpose stuff that’s destined for a landfill.

We’re not freegans. (Did you see that report a few years ago by Lisa Ling?). We’re not that extreme. But we do agree with the basic idea: Buy less. Use what you need. Avoid the trap of thinking you always need the newest things. Save quality items from the landfill.

Case in point: B wanted a desk so that she can “work” and write stories like Mommy. I browsed a couple flea markets and found an adorable 1950s school desk for $20 and two little school chairs. The kids LOVE them.

And to make room, we donated an ottoman we never use (which was originally a hand-me-down), a couple lamps, plus B filled up a bag with her old/unloved toys. Win-win!

I took B with me to the donation center. She did great…until they took away the old Exersaucer that both she and Miles used as babies. She said “Mommy, I want to be a baby again someday so I can play with that toy!”

And so one life lesson leads to another…

Do you guys have any trash-to-treasure stories to share? Would you ever be a freegan??

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