15 Apr outside

I can feel it. The desert heat is nipping at our heels. Before it arrives–so oppressive and cruel–I am savoring our time outdoors. I usher the kids outside at every opportunity. We eat meals on the patio. We swing. We bike. We walk to the coffee shop and sit outside with cool drinks. I am wondering if I can build a daybed out of discarded wooden pallets and we can all nap there in the shade.

Our secret weapon against the heat, the pool, is not quite warm enough to swim, but the kids are eying it. Dipping their toes.

I slather them with sunscreen and still their cheeks are pink. Miles’ hair is translucent and his scalp is tan. Anyone know any tricks for getting an 18-month-old to keep his hat on?

“I think it’s ready, Mommy.”

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