16 Nov overheard

 “Your temperature is 24 inches, Miles. That’s bad.”

 “Miles, there are lots of doctors because they all have special teeth. Like an eye doctor takes care of your eyes. That’s his special-teeth.” 

“You know, Mom, I think Spiderman is a really good show to watch, because it teaches you how to be a superhero. We should watch it as a family and learn.”

“I’m not cleaning up. I’m stacking up the mess so it looks tidy.”

“I don’t understand what God is doing flying around in outer space. I think he should come down here so I can see him.”

“Mama, I not pick up toys. I kitty cat. I not have any hands.”

“Mama, I love you too. And I love Evil Dr. Porkchop.”

“The library people are so nice. They let you just take all the books without paying for them.”

“For Christmas, I’m asking Santa to bring me a caterpillar that comes with a dinosaur. But if Santa can’t bring me all the presents I want, it’s okay. I won’t be mad. Maybe he could just bring me a butterfly.”

  • Jes
    Posted at 17:38h, 16 November Reply

    Love. Being cute and world observations are her special-teeths 🙂

  • Melanie
    Posted at 02:12h, 17 November Reply


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