Performance Art

27 Jul Performance Art

One of my favorite, favorite things lately is to hang out with the kids in the playroom and just observe them at play. What I discover are vignettes from B’s active imagination. Precious little windows into her innocent, ever-expanding, ever-creative mind. There are no limits to what she sees, or to what her toys can do, because no one has told her that a teacup is just a teacup….not a bathtub.

“Mommy’s Bathtub”
Perhaps you have an image that comes to mind when I say “tea party.” Does it match with Bronwynn’s image?

“Tea Party”
And, you know, going to the airport and riding on airplanes can be very tiring. So why not catch a few ZZZs on the tarmac?
“Naps at Airport”
(I personally wouldn’t mind a bed waiting for me when I step off a plane)
I’ve learned not to argue with a toddler’s imagination. You say this toy is a ball? She says it’s the moon, fallen out of the sky. Grape stems and broccoli florets are “dancing trees.” Anything with wheels can be a stroller, bicycle, or shopping cart, or Daddy’s car. Oh, and Miles is a car, too….see how he gets around on all fours? She has placed her dolls on his back and pretended they are “driving” Miles (he wasn’t amused).
Cows really do jump over the moon. Stuffed animals get lonely if they don’t come along with us on car rides. 
It’s bittersweet because I know someday she will edit herself. A ball will be just a ball. I wish I could prevent that from happening, that I could help her preserve this limitless worldview just as it is right now. But I don’t know many adults who let their broccoli dance before eating it.
  • Ronnie
    Posted at 14:31h, 27 July Reply

    True … but there were the dancing shrimp heads in Rome … remember?

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