Pulling strings…just not my shoelaces.

06 Jul Pulling strings…just not my shoelaces.

I have to admit, I used to be amazed (and somewhat appalled) at the lengths parents would go to in order to get their child admitted to an elite school, athletic program, etc. Was pulling strings always necessary?

Well, call me a string-puller. Our OB office requires that we choose a pediatrician before the baby is born, which is a daunting task. After several hours of reading doctor bios and talking with friends who have kids, it became clear to me that while most Boulder pediatricians are top-notch, one stands out as the “best.” She’s so popular that she NEVER accepts new patients. Or so I thought. Just to be sure, I called the reception desk at her office, and sure enough, was turned away. I was ready to move down my list to the next highly reputable doc when I got an email from a friend whose children have been seeing Dr. K for years. This friend said that there’s some top-secret “list” and if my name is added to it, then we would be admitted as new patients. Two weeks and several hushed conversations later, we made it on the list! Our unborn child has a doctor! Who knew this could be so exciting!

As for the shoelaces…I won’t be pulling them anytime soon. My belly has officially grown to the point where bending over to tie my shoes is nearly impossible. Thankfully, it’s summer and flip-flops are in 🙂

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    Posted at 18:59h, 14 July Reply

    One thing you will learn very quickly (and it appears that you already have) is that you are your child’s advocate and you will do anything to make sure s/he gets the best care, etc. available. Congratulations on successfully getting the best doctor!!!


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