pumpkin pickin’

25 Oct pumpkin pickin’

On Saturday, we took a trip to the ole “pumpkin patch.” I put “pumpkin patch” in quotation marks because here in the desert, it’s hard to find an authentic pumpkin patch where pumpkins are growing on vines. Instead, many places truck in pumpkins and toss them in a field. Voila! Pumpkin Patch!

Thankfully, toddlers don’t know the difference.

Not to sound too grumpy, but it was also 98 degrees this weekend. I wasn’t feeling the autumn spirit. I missed my sweaters and hot apple cider. Kris and I found ourselves sweating and hurrying the kids along….

Quick! Pick out a pumpkin! Okay, now sit on this tractor and smile for a photo! (Notice B’s tatts. She found the leftovers from the birthday party, and now she’s working on a full sleeve.)

Time to go!

Actually, we did linger a while. They were giving away balloons. There was a bounce house, which the kids adored. Bronwynn picked out some spaghetti squash at the vegetable stand. (Her new favorite vegetable is squash)

They had a great time, and we had a great time watching them have a great time. That’s the way parenthood is sometimes.

Also, we learned the hard way last year…best not to carve your pumpkin before Halloween. It will shrivel and rot in the heat. We carved ours a week early last year, and by Halloween night, our jolly jack-o-lantern looked like a 90-year-old man with no lips and no teeth. Scary, indeed.

So when we got home, we let the kids paint their pumpkins instead.

And, we made some glazed pumpkin donuts, which helped us get in the spirit a little more.

Not enough to dig out my sweaters, but it helped.

  • mercedes.
    Posted at 23:10h, 25 October Reply

    living in tucson, i know exactly how you feel regarding the “unseasonably hot” weather. i can’t believe halloween is next week!

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