03 Aug re-entry

The transition from there to here is never easy, but this year I planned ahead, created a path out of the fog I knew I would enter the moment I said goodbye to the beloved mountains and people we spent an entire month with.

Miles, getting reacquainted with his toys.

The kids felt it too. The pull. The cloud. Not a small portion of our 14-hour drive home, B explained to me how we could hire a helicopter to move our house and pool to Colorado and set it down next door to her bestie Austin’s house. Austin, meanwhile, would be constructing a slide from his second-story bedroom window to our backyard. The only problem that remained: convincing her desert friends to move to the mountains with her. “Do they know it rains there and you can wear long sleeves in the summertime?”

She worked on her sales pitch.

Kris would be out of town the first few days we were home, so I lined up a few hours of childcare so I could unpack, unwind, sort mail, and eat a colossal chopped salad from my favorite cafe without anyone whining or stealing my boiled egg.

Then, I started the list. You know, the annual list of “stuff to do around the house so maybe I won’t notice it’s hot as hell outside.” At the top was painting and organizing my office…but somehow I ended up re-caulking my shower instead, which is something I will never recommend to anyone. My arms are still sore from chipping away at 30 years of old caulk. Aside from some R-rated “caulk” humor I shared via texts with my friend Jes (who re-caulked her shower recently and offered advice), it was a totally unsatisfying experience.
Mercifully, Kris came home from his own travels, and I felt more grounded.

It had been nearly three weeks since we last saw him up in Breckenridge, and the whole family exhaled as we came back together. 

Now, I really am looking ahead to re-designing my office. I’ve been cleaning out the closet, filing paperwork and choosing paint colors. I want a clean, restful, productive space (this room also doubles as the guest room), so I’ve been looking at pale gray:

There will be pops of color elsewhere in the room. Anyone have any experience with Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray or Cement Gray? Those are my favorites thus far. (I promise to post some before and after pics when the project is done.)
Also, how do you organize and store important paperwork in your home? Do you have a filing cabinet? Boxes? If you’re self-employed like me, how long do you hold onto receipts and old tax returns?
Do you have a dedicated office, or does it have to multitask as a guest room or other space?
  • Jes
    Posted at 00:33h, 04 August Reply

    Cement grey! It looks really crisp and clean!

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