05 Jul reunion

When I was in high school, I frequently slept over at my friend Sarah’s house. We stayed up late talking and writing (we were writers!) and dreaming about a day when we had daughters and they, too, would be the best of friends. We were creative and deep and somewhat naive the way you are when you’re 15. The world was raging around us. My family was a mess. I was at Sarah’s house for refuge as much as for friendship. But at 3 am, sleeping on the floor of her bedroom, confessing my dreams through the darkness, I was safe and strong. Anything was possible.

A funny thing happened last weekend. Sarah and I watched our daughters meet and giggle and hold hands for the first time. We watched our sons hike together and make each other laugh. It was surreal and beautiful to have this dream realized in a small way. We grew up. We married good people. We had babies. And now those babies are friends.

What’s more, we were joined by two other dear childhood friends, Katie and Sara (no h) — women I’ve known since kindergarten. Together, we possess a shared history that includes birthday parties and girl scouts, tagging along on each others’ family vacations and shopping in each other’s closets, supporting one another through heartbreak and family crisis, teaching each other to drive (scary, I know). The highest of highs and lowest of lows.

We haven’t retained the intense closeness we once had — we talk once or twice a year instead of once or twice a day. But, after 30 years, the familiarity remains, the comfort that comes from knowing these are people who have seen you through some of your most challenging, vulnerable, awkward years and guess what? They still like you.

My chest swells when I realize that these are just a few of the authentic, beautiful friendships I have collected over the decades. They’re not going away. Only growing and shifting as we discover new ways to support one another as adults, as parents, as successful women who are still creative and dare to dream.

Bonus: Our kids and husbands hit it off too.

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