sick week in photos

24 Jan sick week in photos

I’ve written about it before, the bittersweetness of being ill: the forced downtime, extra snuggles, rest, quiet, and searing appreciation for what we’re capable of when we’re healthy.  
It’s easy to find the bright side after a few days under the weather. But how about a few weeks? Or maybe six? 
We’ve been riding the winter-virus merry-go-round since December 6th, when B (then Miles, then Kris…then two weeks later, me) got the stomach bug. Since then it’s been colds, laryngitis (me), persistent sore throats, and finally this last week, high fevers that may or may not have been the flu….but slammed us all hard for several days. Miles got a spinoff double ear infection and the beginnings of a respiratory infection.
The worst part about it was the feeling each time of “ok, we’re all feeling better now, glad that’s over with,” only to begin the downward slide a couple days later into another shade of ill. 
And, from what I read, this is the story for so many families right now. This winter of severe, relentless sickness. And, I do look on the bright side because we are healthy enough to take a few hits without dangerous consequences. My kids are old enough to be outside the “high risk” group for influenza. They don’t have underlying medical concerns. They bounce back. I am forever grateful for their strong bodies and good health. 
Another bright side: The timing of each bout of illness wasn’t so bad. At my absolute worst, when I couldn’t get out of bed to care for the kids, Kris was already off of work. It was hard, but we managed just fine.
When I needed extra hands to care for one child while I ferried the other to and from school, Kris’ mom was here visiting.
I learned that it’s fun to browse Pinterest with Miles. He has a great eye for dessert recipes, toy storage solutions, and fashion. I learned that B loves chamomile tea, so now we can have real tea parties. 

After days of barely talking or moving, Miles is slowly getting back to the business of being three.
“Look, Mommy! I a moose!” (the day they realized putting underwear on your head is funny)
I’m cringing a little as I write this post…is it too soon to count my blessings? Are we really almost, nearly, finally well? I can hear one of the kids coughing down the hall from me. The harmless cough that always seems to linger after a cold?….or the beginnings of something new?

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