Sign Language?

06 Oct Sign Language?

You have probably heard that babies can learn sign language before they are able to talk. By gesturing for “more” or “drink” or “help” (among other words) the kiddo can communicate her needs, feel less frustrated, and avoid tantrums (yes!).

With that in mind, we’ve been exposing B to as much sign language as possible. During meals, baths, while playing. We use the signs whenever we say key words we want her to learn.

We even have this huge box of flashcards with literally dozens of words and their coordinating signs. Bronwynn loves to empty out the box and look at each card. I’ve never used the flashcards in the traditional sense–she seems a little young for me to be holding up cards and quizzing her. But I find it interesting that out of the whole stack of cards, she tends to gravitate to the same images over and over again….

Does it count as sign language when your baby literally holds up signs for “more milk”?

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