so, when did this happen?

23 Mar so, when did this happen?

I uploaded some photos from my camera this week and noticed something startling. On the screen there, staring back at me was this:

A little boy. A little boy with little boy features making little boy messes and saying little boy things like “butt” and “what the heck?!”

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, when the toddler dimmed the lights and drew the curtains and made way for the entrance of Boy.

But he’s here now. 

Holding his own.

Children. Not babies. 

A conversation this week:

Miles (3): “Mom, I not want share a baffroom with B. I want my own baffroom ’cause B makes the sink all messy.”

Bronwynn (5): “But Miles, you make the potty messy and you never put down the lib when you’re done!”

A discussion that felt about 8 years too early.

Last night, as I put Miles to bed, he said to me: “Night night, mama. Don’t let bedbugs bite. But if they bite you, I squash them and give you a band-aid.” 

Such a little boy offering to protect his mama. It’s subtle, these changes. 
And bittersweet.

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