Subaru spa day

28 Aug Subaru spa day

Our poor Subaru is on its last leg, I fear. We’ve poured more money into repairs this summer than I’d like to admit. This weekend, we tried to cheer it up by giving it a bath. Can cars benefit from a little pampering?? We really, really love not having car payments! This past year we’ve been working toward being debt-free (except our mortgage) and we’re so close we can taste it. Of course, just when you’re reaching the home stretch, Murphy’s Law interferes…In the past month our air conditioner died and my computer went kaput. We’re hoping our beloved Suby hangs in there for us another year or two. It’s 11 years old, and the first car I ever purchased on my own 🙂
  • Timmi
    Posted at 02:51h, 30 August Reply

    Glad you are trying to get debt free its super hard especially in this economy, we’re almost there too! Hope the car hangs in there too (I’m wishing my car would give out though I really find it annoying)

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