summer is for creativity

30 May summer is for creativity

I panic a little as the last day of school approaches. Gone is my predictable work schedule. Instead, I cobble together hours while the kids are at swim practice or while they’re doing their summer reading. I stay up late writing and sneak away for a few hours on the weekends.

The stress soon fades, however, because everything somehow magically gets done (or maybe I worry less about it getting done). I quickly settle into the pace of summer. Unstructured days inspire their own creativity. I find myself scribbling a new essay at a tiny desk in the children’s section of the public library or enjoying an unexpected conversation about middle grade fiction over crepes.

The kids feed my creativity rather than detract from it. And I encourage theirs… such as when we find ourselves with 20 pounds of freshly picked peaches, demanding new recipes. They rattle off ideas I never would have considered: grilled peaches, salty peaches (peaches with pricuito?), peach whipped cream, peach pound cake, peach smoothies… and we get cooking.

Peach pancakes.

We deepen our connections with friends new and old, we seek new activities and places, and generally do all the summery things.

Ask me at the end of July, and I may be harried and exhausted and ready for school to begin. But as of right now, at this moment, summer’s just fine.

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