21 Jun sunbirds

I think the best thing to do is not check the weather in the mornings. I’m happier not knowing.

Those people who say “yes, but it’s a DRY heat,” are just fooling themselves. They’re in denial. I’ve lived in sopping wet heat in the South and dry heat out West. My skin prefers the humidity (but not the mosquitoes…you can keep those, friends). Actually, my skin prefers layers of clothing…which is why I excavated our winter coats, hats, and gloves today. Soon, we’ll be heading to a place where the highs are in the 60s and lows in the 30s.

It’s too soon to pack, but I got excited.

“Are we going to roast marshmallows?” B asked, because she associates mountain adventures with camping, and camping with marshmallows.

Indeed we will. And we’ll be trading our pool for a hot tub. So pack your suit, kid.

The retirees who live up in Wisconsin and migrate down here every November to May are called snowbirds. We’re joining a new, younger breed called sunbirds. We don’t drive golf carts or crowd the corner diner at 6:00 AM munching doughnuts. But you’ll know us when you see us: Sitting on a patio at a brewpub at dusk or sipping a hot latte in the late morning as we stroll a brick sidewalk in some high-elevation town. Shorts by day. Sweatshirts by night.

I love a mountain summer.


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