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31 Jan My Little Pony

Not her pony, for the record. Though she's already informed me that when she's grown up she will purchase a horse instead of a car, become a horse trainer/sea animal rescuer, and also rehabilitate wildlife. For now, just a group lesson with friends. But walking into...

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29 Apr let the record show

...that today, for the first time in 6 years, 6 months and 15 days, the Wagners went an ENTIRE DAY without anyone crying. Each kid has had his/her own tear-free days, but never simultaneously. Disregard what the baby books tell you. THIS is a milestone...

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20 Jun gift idea for preschoolers

We are always looking for unique toys that are fun for kids, stimulate their imagination or teach them something new. So I was thrilled when we received these personalized name puzzles as gifts from Personal Creations* They're made of wood with non-toxic paint, which I...

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