the bicycle thief

20 Dec the bicycle thief

Our neighbors warned us. After our house was vandalized, they told us nothing like that had ever happened around here that they knew of. This wasn’t a violent neighborhood at all. But theft? Yes, there had been some robberies. Especially bikes.

We live near a network of mountain bike trails, and a lot of our neighbors are avid cyclists. A lot of the bikes parked in their garages are worth more than our Subaru. …Actually, we have a couple of bikes that are worth more than our Subaru.

So, to be safe, Kris locks the bikes in our garage. That way, if someone were to break into our garage, they still couldn’t easily steal the bikes.

We thought we were okay. Until one day we left B’s tricycle in the driveway in front of our house, and it was stolen. A little toddler tricycle. Who does that?! And how do you explain to your 3-year-old that she can’t ride her trike today like she does EVERY DAY because someone took it?

She’s not really old enough for this to be one of those tough life lessons about leaving your toys outside….So, I did the natural thing. I stayed up late searching Craigslist for a replacement trike. And, I have to say, the one I found is pretty stylin’. Chrome fenders. Leather tassels. A built-in bell. And, it’s candy apple red. (B calls it “princess red.” I call it “perfect color to hand down to your brother someday.”) Despite being owned and used by twin 5-year-old boys, it is in pristine condition too. And it was cheap.

I’m hoping B’s old trike will fall into the hands of a less fortunate child this Christmas.

All in all, a happy ending.

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