the cupcake series, redux

16 May the cupcake series, redux

Last fall, my aunt sent us this cupcake cookbook, and I joked about cooking my way through it à la “Julie & Julia.” 

By “…anyone can make” do you think they mean these people?

Because, I don’t have the motivation to take on such an endeavor. But, as it turns out, a 3-year-old does. The opportunity arose a few weeks ago on a 100-degree day. We were inside, bored, and Kris suggested that he and B make butterfly cupcakes. The book makes it look….not simple. But doable.

So, I offered to buy the ingredients and Kris and B would work their magic.

The first steps were simple. They prepared cupcakes from a mix, set them aside to cool and then frosted them. (The book offers recipes to make the cake and frosting from scratch, but Kris went the easy route, anticipating the challenge ahead)

Then came the fun…making paper-thin chocolate monarch butterflies on wax paper and transferring them to the tops of the cupcakes. By this point, B had already lost interest. So I helped Kris make a few butterflies. Our techniques differed. I molded the slightly melted chocolate (kind of like a thick paste). Kris melted the hell out of it, then added a little bit of water (his crucial mistake) to make it more “fluid.”

In the end, his butterflies were more beautiful. Mine were more functional. His never set fully, so they didn’t transfer well off the wax. Mine, while sturdy, were too heavy to be supported by the cupcake. B didn’t care either way, as long as she could eat them.

Which she did.

Next up, we made cupcakes in the shape of babies. I’ll post about that tomorrow…

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