“The moon is in the sky.”

20 Jul “The moon is in the sky.”

I have to admit, Bronwynn’s first word wasn’t that big a deal. A socialite since birth, she was communicating with us so frantically all the time–cooing and waving and pointing and singing unrecognizable tunes–that the day she formed words, actual words, we could barely decipher which of those words was indeed FIRST. They spilled out of her perfect pink lips with all the momentum of an avalanche. We gave the prize to “Dada,” but it could have just as easily been “hi” or “uh-oh” or “Ollie” or “Constantinople.” (…ok, maybe not Constantinople)

Her first SENTENCE, on the other hand, was clearly weeks in the making, something she had been quietly working on, molding as if from clay, until the exact right moment when she could unveil it in context.

One morning last week, B asked to go for a walk, so we set off down the path toward the neighborhood playground. She said “Mama, hann?” which meant she wanted to hold my hand. So we strolled, hand-in-hand, pausing to admire every flower, rock, and bug we encountered along the way.

An airplane passed overhead, to which she pointed and exclaimed “air-pane!” Then she looked up and said “cloud” and then “moon.” (I never saw the moon she was referring to, but far be it from me to correct her.)

She was silent for a few moments and then said tentatively, “Mama, da moon is in da sky.” I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at her quizzically.

“The moon is in the sky?” I asked her.

“Da moon is in da sky.” she replied, confidently.

Why yes, yes it is.

  • Mandy
    Posted at 12:39h, 22 July Reply

    So sweet!

  • Ronnie
    Posted at 14:41h, 22 July Reply

    She sure is growing!

  • robin
    Posted at 03:01h, 23 July Reply

    i’m afraid of my child’s first words. good job!

  • RichD
    Posted at 17:16h, 23 July Reply

    The science gene skips a generation. Welcome to the club, B!

  • Gina
    Posted at 17:25h, 23 July Reply

    @RichD: Are you saying it skipped me or it skipped her???? Hmmm….

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