The pumpkin and the princess (the cupcake series)

17 Oct The pumpkin and the princess (the cupcake series)

Today we had a joint birthday bash for our October babies. It was Miles’ first taste of cake, and unlike B who preferred carrots on her first birthday, Miles dove right in to the sugary goodness. Even now B is much more into the singing and blowing out candles than the cake. Though, as I was arranging the cupcakes on the plate, her eyes just about popped out of her head, and she said “oooooooooh, Mommy, those are sooooo beautiful!”

I used the Jessica Seinfeld Deceptively Delicious pumpkin cake recipe and customized the icing for a pumpkin and princess theme. My aunt gave me a gourmet cupcake cookbook, though, and there are too many cute designs in there. I’m thinking of baking my way through it (a la Julie & Julia). What do you think?

Happy birthday, kiddos!
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