the tree hunt

20 Dec the tree hunt

Every year in the desert, grocery store parking lots transform into makeshift forests. Farmers from up north lay down a blanket of pine needles and mulch to cover the concrete, stand the Christmas trees in uneven rows. It kind of weirds me out, in the same way the fake pumpkin patches do. But, the kids LOVE it. And therefore, we love it.

White lights twinkle in swaths overhead. The smell of fresh-cut evergreen envelops us, and for a moment, it’s winter. It’s Christmastime. The past couple of years, we’ve lucked out with actual winter-like weather on the day we go tree shopping. The tree lot workers light a fire in a metal barrel and warm their hands. The air is damp and cold. Bliss.

We let the kids choose the tree. Miles got a little lost, and had to go potty. He’d had enough of the tree hunt.

B went around in circles several times and kept returning to the same tree. It was calling her, so we took it home.

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