Things that make me nervous

12 Oct Things that make me nervous

I fancy myself a fairly laid-back parent. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. But toddlers have a way of pushing the limits, and I realized that there are some things that inevitably jack up my heart rate a few notches. I started a list.

1) The sound of the toilet flushing. This could mean a) that B went potty without asking for my help. YAY! or b) It could mean that she flushed a toy, an entire roll of toilet paper, or worse…

2) Silence. As long as B is awake, the house is NOT silent. When it is, I know mischief is afoot.

3) Miles eating a new food he REALLY loves. I’ve never seen a baby who can cram as much chow into his plump little cheeks as Miles does. It doesn’t matter how small I cut his food and how closely I supervise him; I worry about him choking.

4) Miles’ problem-solving. This at once makes me very proud and very nervous. Have you seen an 11-month-old who can unbuckle the safety belt on a grocery cart all by himself? Meet Miles.

5) The realization that I’ve misplaced my Sharpie (or lipstick, or scissors….)

6) Waking up to the realization that B has been awake for MUCH longer than I have. I can usually tell by the toys strewn across the house or the fact that she’s gotten herself dressed and helped herself to milk from the fridge. Makes me wonder what else she’s been up to while the rest of us were snoozing…

I’m sure I’ll have more to add soon.

What about you? What are your tell-tale signs that trouble’s a-brewin’??

  • Miss M!
    Posted at 21:59h, 12 October Reply

    My son used to do the food cramming thing too, and it got to the point where choking became commonplace. Oh, the baby’s choking again? A few good whacks on the back to set him right, no big deal.

    Now he barely eats at all!

  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 04:02h, 13 October Reply

    They prepare you for the next round(s), I’ll say that much (with 15/12/8 year olds plus the caboose toddler).

    I think you realize though better to be proud & impressed than always worried. ALthough I haven’t stopped worrying…

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