this week, in photos

22 Jul this week, in photos

There’s something really special about taking your kids to their first Major League Baseball game. It’s a lot of work, sure: rush hour traffic, parking, navigating crowds, bathroom trips, juggling food. But the payoff?

Rockies vs. Pirates
Upper deck, which may not give you a prime view of home plate, but there are no better seats for watching the sunset over the other Rockies.  
Sitting in the stands, eating hotdogs and Cracker Jacks brought back fun memories for me. Growing up, we frequented Atlanta Braves games, and I had a mini-crush on outfielder Dale Murphy. He wore the number 3, which was my softball uniform number. So…you know… it was meant to be. 

At one point during the game, B asked, “why are no girls playing?” That’s a tough question to answer in toddler language, but I’m really glad she’s asking.

My dear friend (and host this week), Jes.

This photo isn’t technically from this week, but I love how Miles has a tender spot in his heart for his papa. These are my two absolute favorite boys.

Jes and I took the kids to a small regional airport to watch the planes take off and land. The airport staff let us walk around the tarmac and look at all the different planes up close, and we asked the kids which one they would want to fly if they could…This one was my choice.

Also this week: Soccer Camp. It was B’s first time playing, and she had a blast. The sight of her and her friends in their little soccer uniforms was worth the price of admission. But she picked up some serious skills, too.

It felt good to be outside every day, playing hard. Afterward, we headed to the local ice cream parlor and added a few chocolate stains to the uniform’s grass stains.

Have a great weekend!

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