Toddler TMI

21 Sep Toddler TMI

Just a few examples of phrases that spill from the mouth of my babe. Someday, they’ll be totally inappropriate, but for now, they make us laugh:

Bronwynn (to her bff Austin as they both were playing on the bed): “Austi, lie down please! …mwah!” (She threw her arm around him and showered him with kisses. Had they not been 22 months old, I would have fit her for a chastity belt.)

…to Kris as he was preparing to take a shower: “Dada, you shower?” When Kris said “yes,” B sat down on the bathroom floor and said, “Ok! B watch!” (Who knew showering was a spectator sport?)

“Mama, I am soooooo high!”

“Mama, you went pee pee on potty! Yay!!”

  • RichD
    Posted at 11:24h, 24 September Reply

    so many things to be worried about in this post…B clearly has things under control

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