toilets and tulips

29 Mar toilets and tulips

I was tidying up the house this weekend in preparation for our trip to the donation center. B was following me around, and Kris was home, so I assumed Miles was being supervised… Of course, you know what happens when you assume, right?

At one point I heard a little clatter in the kids bathroom and I got a sinking feeling. There are no chemicals or anything life-threatening within the kids’ reach. But there are toilets. And Miles thinks toilets are fantastic toys.

I ran to the bathroom to discover Miles elbow deep in the toddler potty, which incidentally had been used recently by B.

He flashed me the biggest grin, as if to say, “Look what I found, Mommy!” And he splashed away.

I screamed “AHHHHHHHHH, MILES!” and scooped him up. But it was too late. He was covered head-to-toe in urine.

So so so so so gross.

I washed his hands and stripped his clothes, and then Kris came to the rescue and took Miles to shower with him while I cleaned up the bathroom mess and changed my clothes.

Then B and I went to donate our stuff and we stopped by the farmer’s market on the way home to soak up some beauty and fresh air.

Is there anything more lovely than an endless pile of local, fresh-cut flowers?

I’m beginning to really appreciate the climate we live in. Especially when I consider that it allows us to grow fruits and vegetables year-round.

B and I grabbed some baby carrots in a rainbow of colors. Have you ever eaten purple carrots? They’re delicious.

B liked the white ones

I’m giving Miles a pass on the naughty behavior because, well, he’s 17 months and he’s teething and still managing to entertain himself despite the obvious pain he’s in.

And there are more important things to focus on here: Sunny weather. An abundance of beauty. Always having enough food. Stopping to smell the flowers.

The hard moments, the disgusting moments, are just ammunition for when the kids are teenagers and dating people we don’t like.

  • the Hearth-Keeper
    Posted at 19:54h, 29 March Reply

    Wow…gardens all year round?? Where do you live? lol. We have snow from September to June (first to last snowfall), so we don’t have alot of time to grow much :S

  • Gina
    Posted at 20:10h, 29 March Reply

    Snow from September-June feels normal to me, too! We just moved to the desert from Colorado last summer….it’s been an adjustment for sure.

    Thanks for reading!

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