unintended side effects

09 May unintended side effects

B and I recently started reading one of my favorite childhood books, Madeline. We have the whole series: Madeline, Madeline’s Rescue, Madeline and the Bad Hat, etc. Aside from the gorgeous illustrations and storytelling, I love that the Madeline is a strong, spunky little girl. She’s not afraid of mice. She speaks her mind. Stands up to bullies. She’s adventurous (and learns natural consequences when she takes her adventures too far).

That’s my assessment. But it’s been interesting to see what tidbits Bronwynn gleans from the stories. We’ve been talking a LOT lately about her appendix. Recently, she asked “Do butterflies have an appendix?” and once, as we stood in a crowded checkout line at Trader Joe’s, she complimented me, “Mom, I really like your appendix!”

She wants to know what exactly surgery entails and how doctors put people to sleep for surgery. She cornered Miles and pretended to take out his appendix. She recently told a boy at school he was being a Bad Hat.

Also, she is quite fond of Miss Clavel and her attentiveness to the children in the middle of the night. I think she’s been testing whether I will be as responsive as Miss Clavel. Last night, B woke up 4 times crying. The first time, she said her appendix hurts. The second two times, she needed water. Last time (naturally), she had to use the potty. We had a little talk about that this morning…

Do books influence your kids like this? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

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