What about “Mama”?

01 Sep What about “Mama”?

B’s communication skills have exploded this past week. She’s finally picking up on the sign language we’ve been teaching her, and she loves to motion “all done!” when she’s finished eating. She claps and waves, and says a couple words like “hi” “uh-oh” and “Dada.” Just yesterday, we noticed that she also says “Ollie.” She crawled over to the back door, stood up and banged the glass saying “ah-eee! ah-eee!” She knows Ollie is usually in the back yard, and she wanted him to come to the window. So cute!

So, the only person in the house she hasn’t named is “Mama.” Hmmmm…. I guess there’s no need to say “Mama” when Mama responds so well to screams and cries!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:01h, 03 September Reply

    I seem to remember a similar thing happening with Cara. Don’t worry, eventually it will happen and never stop!!!


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