what not to wear

27 Jun what not to wear

Somewhere along the way, we had a conversation about desert nomads and headwear.

This is what she does. She memorizes and reenacts her favorite books, sometimes in the aisle of the grocery store. She assaults us with questions, an endless stream all day long — how do people live in the desert? — and she listens eagerly to our answers, or, if we say we don’t know, she crafts her own explanations.

She absorbs every morsel of information that’s fed to her, stows it away, and then, at some later time we see her imagination take over.

Like today. It’s 113 degrees outside, and she insists on wearing a blanket on her head to protect her from the sun. 

I can’t convince her to take it off… but thankfully, very soon, we’re heading to a place that’s much cooler. We’re escaping to the mountains, that sacred place. I’ll be posting while we’re on the road — tips for traveling with toddlers, fun activities, outdoor adventures and more. Keep an eye on the blog the next few weeks!

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