while you were out (bathroom before & after)

27 May while you were out (bathroom before & after)

Big things tend to happen when the hubs is away. Way back, when he traveled on weeks-long expeditions in the uncharted wilds with no phone contact, I’d find ways to keep busy. Rather than lie awake at night brooding over his safety, wondering if the bush plane would pick him up on time…I’d focus on other stuff. Happier stuff.

Our dog Ollie, our “first born,” our “bastard child” was actually an impulse buy. I adopted him eight years ago while Kris was trekking in Corsica. Surprise, honey! Also, many years ago, when Kris was away, I blew my first freelance paycheck on a race-worthy mountain bike. It cost more than my first car. We weren’t married, and it was my money to spend…but we had talked about marriage and a house and saving. But the bike was just so pretty and so fast. And I did race with it a handful of times before the kiddos came along.

Things also tend to break down when Kris is away. At our old house, the hot water heater busted and leaked while Kris was in Alaska. I’m adept at fixing garbage disposals and dishwashers because they’ve failed frequently during Kris’ business trips. And, of course, you know what happened when Kris was away last fall…

Kris’ adventures are less dangerous than they used to be, and slightly less frequent. But I still like to keep myself distracted whenever he’s away. So, when he traveled for work this past week, I set my sights on our ugly brown powder room:

It’s tiny and the beige walls just made it feel so dark and gross.

I realized we had some paint leftover from our master bathroom. And a couple pieces of artwork in the garage that had not yet found a home. So, I was able to do a quick transformation:

The wall color is “China Blue” by ACE. And I spray painted the mirror frame a sunny yellow. That was my only expense for the room, actually: $3.49 for a can of spray paint. Not a bad makeover for $3.49!

Eventually I’d like to replace the light fixture with something smaller and more modern. But for now, it works, so it stays.

Kris says he loves it. But really, he’s just glad I didn’t buy a couch or adopt another puppy.

Photography note: I took the “before” photos with my iPhone. For the “after” photos, I stood in the pitch-black bathroom and bounced my flash off the ceiling. Without a flash (using just the bathroom light), the photo looks like this:

Not bad, but the walls look gray, which isn’t accurate at all. The photos with the flash give the best representation of the room.

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