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Additional Publications

“Build a Better Body Image,” Experience Life (VIEW)

“Stay in Circulation,” (Owner’s Manual for Your Heart) Outside (VIEW)

“Bloom: Why Organic Flowers Are A Growing Trend,” Delicious Living (VIEW)

“Explore the Outdoors: Getaway Bags,” Wired (VIEW)

“Training: Think Outside the Penalty Box,” Skiing (VIEW)

“Schooled by a Pro,” Mountain Bike (VIEW)

“The Right Stuff” (A celebration of adventurous women and their gear), Dandelion (VIEW)

“Don’t Pet the Wildlife,” Hooked on the Outdoors (VIEW)

“Country Fried Hike,” Backpacker (VIEW)



Editing & Consulting

Gina has held senior editorial positions and consulted with several national magazines, newspapers, and websites. As a content strategist, she also helps businesses find their voice, developing marketing content, white papers, brochures, and blogs.