You can see the resemblance, can’t you?

29 Sep You can see the resemblance, can’t you?

A few months ago, I let B watch “Shrek 2.” Aside from some potty humor that is over her head, and one reference to smoking catnip, it’s a pretty tame flick about love and acceptance, eschewing the world’s aesthetic theories and embracing your inner beauty. Peace. Love. Happily ever after.

That, and it has some hilarious pop culture references and hidden jokes that only the adults will understand (like at the end when the people of Far, Far Away are fleeing the gigantic gingerbread man, and they run from one Starbucks across the street into another Starbucks).

Anyhoo, it’s not surprising that B aligned herself with Princess Fiona. Of course, she would want to act out the favorite protagonist. The princess. The ever-lovable Cameron Diaz in ogre form.

What did surprise me is that B cast me as Shrek and Kris as Prince Charming (or just “Charming” as she likes to call him). For MONTHS I have been Shrek. At home, I’m Shrek. In the grocery store, I’m Shrek. At the YMCA, I’m Shrek. Everywhere we go, she introduces me as Shrek.

I’ve stopped being embarrassed by it, actually. When B yells for me in public “Hey Shrek! Look at this, Shrek!” and people’s heads turn, I no longer stop to explain.

Around the house, we have full conversations, Fiona and I. Just the other day, out of nowhere, she said, “You know, Shrek, bees are our friends. They make honey.”

“Good to know, Fiona. Good to know.”

Tonight, before bed, B said to me, “I love you Shrek. You’re so beautiful.” And I had to laugh. Calling me Shrek is probably the greatest honor B can bestow. Because it has nothing to do with how the characters look, or even their gender, but how they interact and what their relationships are in the movie. And if she’s Fiona, then Shrek is the person who loves and cherishes her no matter what. I’m happy to fill that role.

I guess Prince Charming comes in a close second. Though I wonder if B is conveniently forgetting what a brat he was in the movie? Hmmmm…. Or maybe she’s just identifying Kris’ thick, wavy hair and chiseled body. (Remember THIS??)

  • krisel keeper
    Posted at 05:37h, 29 September Reply

    That’s a very cherished role. And sort of parallels the role of motherhood quite accurately. Very touching.

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