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Storytelling and Misadventures

October 16, 2021

B & Miles’ Play Area

I've always loved the idea of play rooms that are centrally located in a house. It creates a sense of togetherness, while maintaining boundaries between the kid space and adult space. The only trouble with centrally located playrooms is that you have to look...

October 16, 2021

Easy Felt Play Food

.For Christmas, I stitched together some felt play food for Bronwynn to use in her new kitchenI'm still finishing a few items, but here we have some fried eggs:And some iced cookies with sprinkles: Don't they look yummy? :)I'm working on a felt pizza and...

October 16, 2021

DIY Play Kitchen

Like many toddlers, B loves to play house and cook in a play kitchen. I had my eye on some nice wooden play kitchens at our local toy shop...