DIY advent garland

03 Dec DIY advent garland

I wasn’t going to do an advent calendar this year, but B is at an age where she is quite aware of Christmas…yet not so aware of time. So, every morning for the past couple weeks she has awoken very excited, assuming today is Christmas.

“Soon,” I say. “In a few weeks.”

But “a few weeks” is an impossible concept when you’re 3.

This should help.

I found these adorable mini paper sacks at our local hardware store. I numbered them, and used clothespins to attach them to some ribbon as a garland. Inside each bag I placed a little goody–some stickers, a matchbox car, or a piece of chocolate.

I also made the paper ornaments out of paint chips from the hardware store. I got the idea from one of my favorite craft blogs, elsie marley. You can see her tutorial here.

My favorite part? This garland multitasks as a Christmas card holder. As we remove a bag each day, we free space to hang up a new card.

Like all my favorite DIY projects, this one was cheap and easy. It took about an hour to complete, and yet it should bring us a lot of joy this holiday season.

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