Event: Denver Lit Fest Seminar June 12, 2024

Writers! Join me at Lit Fest in Denver this summer where I’ll be teaching a craft seminar called “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark: Letting the Unknown Drive Your Personal Narrative.” The seminar is in person only on Wednesday June 12th at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver.

I’m also sitting on a lunchtime author panel on Saturday, June 8th about how to navigate being a debut author. The panel is available in person or via Zoom.

When it comes to personal essay and memoir, the idea of closure can be overrated. It’s not always possible (or preferable) to achieve clarity or tie up loose ends in your story. So why not embrace the unknowns instead? Some of the best creative nonfiction puts the unknown (or unthought-known) in the driver’s seat, using it as a tool to build tension, create emotional resonance, and engage the reader as a fellow detective. In this seminar, we’ll make a case for stumbling in the dark. We’ll explore how to let questions drive your narrative and embrace discomfort on the page, dig into relevant examples, and work through a few prompts. Register here.