Saving the world, one sandwich at a time…

My kids’ school is a plastic-free zone. Students bring their lunches in glass or metal containers, and they try to avoid excess packaging and waste. I love the eco-friendly policy, but sometimes miss the convenience of grabbing a Ziplock baggie.

For sandwiches, I decided to make a few cloth wraps. The inside is lined with waterproof material (easy to wipe down), and they’re machine washable. They make a lovely place mat when open, too.


A Velcro closure keeps them secure. You could also sew a button & buttonhole.


Want to try making your own? Here’s a quick tutorial.

Cut a square of fabric (12 x 12 inches fits most sandwiches and bagels).

Cut a matching square of waterproof fabric (ripstop nylon or PUL)

Stack the squares, right sides facing in, and stitch around the edge, leaving a 2-inch opening.


Once stitched, turn the squares right side out and lay flat (use a pencil or chopstick to help poke all the corners right side out).

Stitch around the edge again to secure it.


Fold the corners in and place Velcro closures, then stitch them in place.


It took me about 15 minutes to make one wrap. Note: I don’t mind imperfection, so I don’t use patterns or take time to pin the fabric. If you want to be more precise, it’ll take more time. 🙂

No time to sew?