standing still

23 Dec standing still

Our Christmas tree is half decorated. Bronwynn puts the ornaments on. Miles yanks them off. And so it stands….a few decorations up top where he can’t reach. A strand of lights skirting the tree on the floor. We’ve hidden all the gifts because a 3-year-old can’t restrain herself at the sight of bows and brightly colored packages.

We’re not traveling. We’re not shopping. We have no big, fancy plans.

In many ways, it’s just another week. Which is at once totally freeing and incredibly lonely. Standing still while the world bustles around us.

I have no holiday agenda except to enjoy the week through my kids’ eyes. And lately, those eyes have been captivated by our half-naked tree. They snuggle up together after dinner and stare through the branches at the lights.

I refuse to say “don’t touch.” or “don’t pull on that.”

Tomorrow we’ll stand still for two hours, ringing a bell while last-minute shoppers do their last-minute thing, and maybe I will have an agenda…a little one…to teach these babes about giving. To plant a little seed. Or maybe I’ll just sit back and watch them ring the bell and soak up the attention they’ll receive from strangers. A little gift to myself. Stillness and marveling at my family.

  • Timmi
    Posted at 07:05h, 24 December Reply

    I think that sounds like a great holiday. Last year it was just us and the girls. Nothing fancy. We were snowed in, so my parents weren’t coming. I made a simple meal, and we just relaxed and enjoyed each other. It was magical. (I was thinking of a less cheesy word but couldn’t) By far my favorite Christmas yet! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • oaxacaborn
    Posted at 07:56h, 30 December Reply

    ok, absolutely LOVED this post. as a little kid growing up, we had simple christmases. i didn’t realize how simple until years later. but what i will never forget is the magical feeling of falling asleep underneath the tree, staring up at the lights. these photos brought that back for me. thank you.

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